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About Us

U.M. Enterprises engage dairy farmers and consultants by providing the new advancements

U.M. pioneered the concept of scientific approaches in farming and feed industry in Pakistan


Established in 1984, U.M. ENTERPRISES now has vast network of marketing and distribution throughout Pakistan. The staff has combed the fields of Pakistan and has in-depth knowledge of the market. U.M. represents world renowned manufacturers and enjoy the trust of its principals.

Fast growing and leading firm belongs to a large group having diversified business exposure.

Famous introducers: U.M. ENTERPRISES has introduced new technology, innovation & new concepts in the market.
The leading Entrepreneurs: U.M. ENTERPRISES takes timely calculated risks with a pacey record of the product launch.

Large Animal

Feed industry in Pakistan

The customer/farmer/client in Pakistan and Central Asia for the safe and effective use of our products with the objective of improving and protecting the health of the livestock and poultry.

The productivity and profitability of the veterinary industry.


• Feed Additives.
• Animal health Products.
• Feed Manufacturing Plants and Machinery.
• Food and Feed Safety Products.
• Cattle Feed Concentrate.
• Hatchery Equipment.
• Farm Equipment.
• Beef Fattening.
• Poultry Farming.

Scientific Approaches
Third Generation Quinolones
Methyl Donor
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